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Nivel B1

New Language Leader Intermediate



New Language Leader is the most effective course for 21st-century students who are serious about learning English.
Designed around topics that stimulate discussion and debate, it has systematic skills work and a thorough study and writing skills syllabus. Unique scenario lessons provide students with the opportunity to practise the language they have learned, helping to prepare them for communication in the real world. It is particularly suited to students involved in or preparing for university study.


Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5

Test 6

Test 1 to 6 & Audio 1 & Audio 2

Test 7

Test 8

Test 9

Test 10

Test 11

Test 12

Test 7 to 12 & Audio 1 & Audio 2



Gold Pre-First



The trusted Gold series builds students’ confidence by combining carefully graded exam preparation for the Cambridge English exams with thorough language and skills development. Providing enjoyable, communicative classes with a strong emphasis on personalization, Gold is the popular choice for teachers around the world.

The Gold series takes your students from Preliminary to Advanced level, helping them build their confidence and to develop natural speaking skills in English every step of the way. 

New Gold Pre-First is the ideal B1+ course to lead your students towards B2 level and preparation for the Cambridge English First exam.

Full Placement Tests & Key

Quick Placement Tests & Key

Test 1 & Key

Test 2 & Key

Test 3 & Key

Test 4 & Key

Test 5 & Key

Test 6 & Key

Test 7 & Key

Test 8 & Key

Test 9 & Key

Test 10 & Key

Test 11 & Key

Test 12 & Key

Progress Test 1, Audio & Key

Progress Test 2, Audio & Key

Progress Test 3, Audio & Key

Progress Test 4, Audio & Key

Gold Experience B1+



Gold Experience is a fast-paced course that engages and motivates teenagers with its wide variety of contempoparty topics. Contexts such as the Internet, social media and television are relevant to students' lives and content-rich CLIL topics from which your students will learn about the world. Gold Experience is a perfect preparation course for revised 2015 Cambridge for Schools exams.

Progress Test 1 & Audio

Progress Test 2 & Audio

Progress Test 3 & Audio

Progress Test 4 & Audio

Progress Test 5 & Audio

Progress Test 6 & Audio

Progress Test 1-6 & Audio

Progress Test 7 & Audio

Progress Test 8 & Audio

Progress Test 9 & Audio

Progress Test 10 & Audio

Progress Test 11 & Audio

Progress Test 12 & Audio

Progress Test 7-12 & Audio



Travellers Intermediate B1



De la Editorial MM Publications, es un libro de Inglés de Bachillerato, de Nivel B1 de Inglés, centrado en temas de viajes y sobre las distintas culturas del mundo.

Bloque de tests: los archivos pdf de cada módulo contienen las soluciones y la transcripción de los listennings y los audios están en formato mp3.

Módulo nº 1 y audio.

Módulo nº 2 y audio.

Módulo nº 3 y audio.

Módulo nº 4 y audio.

Módulo "mid-term" y audio.

Módulo nº 5 y audio.

Módulo nº 6 y audio.

Módulo nº 7 y audio.

Módulo nº 8 y audio.

Módulo "end" y audio.


Bloque de Vocabulario y gramática: 8 fichas pdf con un pdf adicional para las soluciones:

Vocabulario y gramática 1

Vocabulario y gramática 2

Vocabulario y gramática 3

Vocabulario y gramática 4

Vocabulario y gramática 5

Vocabulario y gramática 6

Vocabulario y gramática 7

Vocabulario y gramática 8

Soluciones de vocabulario y gramática


Bloque "Reading": 8 fichas en pdf, con un pdf adicional para las soluciones:

Reading 1

Reading 2

Reading 3

Reading 4

Reading 5

Reading 6

Reading 7

Reading 8

Soluciones del bloque "Reading"


Bloque Speaking: 8 fichas en pdf, con un pdf adicional con las soluciones:

Speaking 1

Speaking 2

Speaking 3

Speaking 4

Speaking 5

Speaking 6

Speaking 7

Speaking 8

Soluciones del bloque "Speaking"


Market Leader 3rd Edition Intermediate



De la Editorial Pearson, los tests están centrados en el vocabulario y terminología, de Nivel B1 de Inglés, del ámbito de la empresa y los negocios.

Los pdf de cada unidad incluyen las soluciones y la transcripción de los listenings.

Test de entrada y audio.

Primer test y audio.

Segundo test, audio nº 1 y audio nº 2.

Tercer test, audio nº 1 y audio nº 2.

Cuarto test y audio.

Test final, audio nº 1 y audio nº 2.

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