Interacciones de Expresión Oral Inglés 2º de Básico/1º de Intermedio

Para los estudiantes del curso de 2º de Básico de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, dediqué un post en el que “reproducía” los diálogos de la Sección de “Practical English” del libro English File 3rd Edition Pre-Intermediate. En éste, vamos a comenzar repasando los diálogos de las dos últimas secciones de “Practical English” del libro del año pasado (el citado English File 3rd Edition Pre-Intermediate), y ya nos meteremos en harina con el libro English File 3rd Edition Intermediate de 1º de Intermedio, y unos diálogos que nos pueden ser muy útiles para el Nivel B1 de Inglés.

Este año, en la prueba de Speaking, tanto para el monólogo como para las interacciones, no harán hablar 3 minutos (el año pasado eran 2), y supongo que deberemos pulir la pronunciación y la fluidez, además de utilizar bien los conectores y darle una mejor estructura a nuestra exposición con una introducción, un bloque central o de desarrollo y una conclusión.

Getting around:

Transcripción de los diálogos:

- How do I get to Greenwich Village on the subway?
- Go to the subway station at Prospect Park. Take the B train to West 4th Street.
- How many stops is that?
- Six or seven.
- OK. And then?
- From West 4th Street take the A train, and get off at 14 th Street.
- Could you say that again?
- OK. From Prospect Park take the B train to West 4th Street, and then take the A train to 14th Street. That's only one stop.
- Where's the restaurant?
- Come out of the wubway on Eighth Avenue, go straight on for about 50 yards and take the first left. That's Greenwich Avenue. The restaurant's on the right. It's called The Tea Set.
- OK, thanks. See you later.
- And don't get lost!

On the phone:

La transcripción de los diálogos:

- Hello, Broadway Grill.
- Oh, sorry. I have the wrong number.
- NewYork24seven. How can I help you?
- Hello. Can I speak to Barbara Keaton, please?
- Just a second. I'll put you through... Hello.
- Hi, is that Barbara?
- No, I'm sorry. She's not at her desk right now.
- Can I leave a message, please?
- Sure.
- Can you tell her Rob Walker called?. I'll call back later.
- I'll give her the message. You could try her cell phone.
- Yes, I'll do that. Thank you.
- I'm sorry, I can't take your callat the moment. Please leave a message after the beep.
- Hello, Barbara. This is Rob returning your call.
- NewYor24seven. How can I help you?
- Hello. It's Rob again. Can I speak to Barbara, please?
- Just a second. I'm sorry, the line's busy. Do you want to hold?
- OK, I'll hold.
- Hello.
- Hi, Barbara. It's me, Rob.
- Rob, hi! I tried to call you earlier.
- What did you want to talk about?

Aquí ya entramos en el “Intermediate de English File”, el primer Practical Englihs dedicado aque ensayemos expresiones de relleno y latiguillos:

Reacting to what people say:

Jenny: Don't forget the chocolates.
Rob: OK. Oh no!
Jenny: I don't believe it. Don't tell me you forgot them?
Rob: I think they're still on my desk.
Jenny: You're kidding.
Jenny: Mom, I'm really sorry - we bougth you some chocolates, but we left them at the office.
Sally: Whta a pitty. Never mid.
Jenny: But I also have some good news.
Sally: Really?. What's that?
Sally: So you've got a promotion? How fantastic!
Harry: That's great news!
Sally: Let's go and have dinner.
Jenny: What a great idea!

A continuación, una serie de diálogos sacados de la revista “Aprende Inglés” de Vaughan. Pongo los audios de algunos.


A job interview:

El audio de la sección:

Interviewer: Alright, Ms. X, welcome to the interview. Tell me about your background.

Interviewee: My background is in journalism.

Interviewer: And what did you do your degree in?

Interviewee: I did my degree in Communication.

Interviewer: Can you tell me what you greatest strength is and what your greatest weakness is?

Interviewee: My greatest strength is that I'm a team player. My greatest weakness is organization, but I'm aware of this and I use different techniques to manage it.

Interviewer: One of your duties will be editing. Do you have experience in editing?

Interviewee: Yes, I have a lot of skills as an editor.

Interviewer: What's your greatest achievement?

Interviewee: When I was at university I started a student newspaper. It was a challege, but it was also a great achievement.

Interviewer: Well, I hope you're ready for another challenge! You're hired!

You get in a taxi

El audio de la sección:

Customer: Good afternoon.

Taxi driver: Let me help you with your suitcase. I'll put it in the boot.

Customer: Tank you. I'll get in, OK?

Taxi driver: Sure, get in! Don't forget to put on your seatbelt, please. Now, where are you going?

Customer: I'm going to number 4, Elm Street. It's in Bakersfield.

Taxi driver: Ah, I know that neighbourhood well. I don't need to switch on the GPS. Have you got a preferred route?

Customer: I'm not from here. I don't know the neighbourhood at all!

Taxi driver: Alright then. I'll take the motorway to avoid traffic jams.

Customer: How long is the jorney going to take?

Taxi driver: Oh, about twenty minutes. But that depends on the traffic!

Customer: I'm in a hurry. I hope there won't be any traffic jams.

Taxi driver: And there you to, we're here. That'll be thirty two pounds please.

Customer: Here you are. Keep the change!

In a hairdresser

El audio de la sección:

Hairdresser: Are you here to get a haircut? Please sit down. What exactly do you wanto to get done today?

Customer: I'd like to get a trim and some highlights please.

Hairdresser: I see.. So you just want to cut a little off, is that right?

Customer: Yes, that's right. Please don't cut a lot off.

Hairdresser: No problem. Have you ever thought about a finge?

Customer: No, thanks, I don't want a fringe and I don't want layers either.

Hairdresser: Ok, then.

(A little while later...)

Hairdresser: Now, how would you like me to style it?

Customer: Can you just blow-dry it and straighten it please?

Hairdresser: No problem.

(A little while latter...)

Customer: Tanks for the haircut!

Hairdresser: You're welcome!


Going at museum

A: Hi! We want to go to the NoMAD Museum. Is it open today?

B: Sure! Yeah, it’s closed on Mondays, but today it’s open.

A: Great. Do you know how much the ticket is?

B: I’m not sure. I think it’s €6. Do you want me to look up the museum’s website?

A: No, no worries. We’ll akd at the ticket office. By the way, do you know if there are any new exhibitions?

B: Yes! There’s one on Nigerian art which is really impressive! Actually here’s the leaflet for that exhibition.

A: Thanks! And one more question: what time does the gallery close?

B: It clses at 19:00, you should have plenty of time to see it all!

A: I hope so! We take our time at museums! Anyway, thank you! See you later!

B: Enjoy!


Changing a present

Shop assistant: How can I help you?

Customer: I’d like to return the jacket and this camera, please.

Shop assistant: OK, can I ask why you’d like to return these ítems?

Customer: I’d like to return the jacket because it’s was a gift and it doesn’t fit.

Shop assistan: OK, no problema. And the camera?

Customer: I’d like to return the camera because it’s damaged. It doesn’t work.

Shop assistant: OK, do you have the receipt?

Customer: Yes, I have the receipt for the jacket and I have the warranty for the camera.

Shop assistant: Thank you. Would you like to Exchange the jacket for something else?

Customer: No, thank you, I don’t want to Exchange the jacket for something else. I’d like a refund, please.

Shop assistant: No problema. And would you like a refund for the camera or would you like a credt note?

Customer: I’d like a credit note for the camera, please.

Shop assitant: No problema. Here you go!

Customer: Great, thank you!